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 Style is also a Science

The Power of First Impressions: How Style Affects Your Confidence

The old adage "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" holds more truth than you might think. The way you present yourself to the world can have a profound impact on your confidence and self-perception. When you look good, you feel good - and that's not just a superficial statement. Research has shown that our brains are wired to respond positively to visual cues, including our own appearance. When you dress in a way that makes you feel put together and polished, you're more likely to exude confidence and self-assurance. This, in turn, can have a ripple effect on your entire life, influencing everything from your relationships and career prospects to your overall sense of well-being. 



Empower people to celebrate looking successful and stylish by setting trends we want to see people stand out rather than fit in.


Provide authentic, reliable, and innovative luxury goods to inspire people to feel unique and special.

Our Story Our Struggle

Growing up in poverty, I possessed a burning ambition to acquire the finer things in life. Unfortunately, the exorbitantly priced top-tier brands that everyone was sporting remained out of my financial reach. As a result, I endured the ridicule of my peers for donning off-brand attire and being unable to afford the extravagant labels. Determined to change my circumstances, I labored after school to save up some money. Faced with a limited budget, I had to think resourcefully. Consequently, I made a trip to the Dollar Store, where I pieced together a striking White and Red jogging suit ensemble that perfectly complemented my new Red and White sneakers. The following day at school marked a turning point in my life. My budget-friendly outfit outshone even the priciest tracksuits from renowned brands such as Nike and Adidas. I astounded my classmates, effortlessly gaining entry into the exclusive "cool club" and instantly boosting my confidence. Soon enough, I became known as a trendsetter, revered for my distinctive and stylish fashion choices. Remarkably, achieving this status did not require me to rely on branded merchandise alone. Furthermore, as a student specializing in the arts, I leveraged my creative talent to artistically design both footwear and apparel. My ultimate dream was to bring these designs to life. In the meantime, I began selling suits and shoes, expertly styling and dressing my clients to exude success and captivate with their impeccable appearance. This eventually led to the establishment of Aboutir Apparel, where I adopted the same philosophy, albeit with a focus on casual luxury clothing. To this day, I treat my customers as cherished clients, striving to evoke smiles as they embrace their personalized style. 

Why Choose Us

You may wonder why you should choose our branded clothes to make yourself attractive and successful. The answers lie in our core beliefs. 

Our Core Four Values

• Exclusive and limited availability: Our products are not easily accessible to everyone, adding to their exclusivity and luxury.
• Personalized and unique: Each item is personally made and not mass-manufactured, giving it a personal touch that sets it apart from others.
• Superior quality: Our luxury products are made from better materials, ensuring longevity and durability compared to cheaper alternatives.
• Value for money: Despite being a luxury brand, our products offer long-lasting quality, making them a worthwhile investment in the long run

Be a Part of a Bold Community 

Be a part of a bold community where becoming attractive and making an impact from the inside are always appreciated. We believe when you look good you feel good 

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